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I know why I admire BBW's This is why I admire BBW's. You can yourself a BBW if you are a large woman and not necessarily be what those letters represent but that is understandable. It's a lot better than the other 3 letter word. FAT. I'm a short man, of an ethnicity other than white and life in this country can be hard and at times degrading. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a woman in this male dominated society that doesn't approve of a woman being thicker than a pole. I've met large women who have been emotionally reduced to a childlike status, large women who are extremely unconfident, and some who are powerhouses. Forces to be reckoned with. To overcome to triumph over our societies view is amazing to me. And I admire and am in awe of these women. I am still struggling with being a short ethnic man in this society. So you are kind of role models! I sometimes see these goddesses in clubs or restaurant and I can see their confidence and beauty ooze in its abundance. And I want to touch it. Feel it. Taste it. Love it. Why would a confident woman being searching through ads on CL? They wouldn't. But putting these words down and sending them out to the world makes me feel better also good about these feelings I struggle with. These feeling of why a man finds a woman twice his size so exciting. Not easy. Embarrassing. After work plans. bbw's, large women, fatties.. know that there are men out there that melt at your sight. They fantasize non stop about you. Be confident. Know that you are not second to the skinny girls you envy. You don't have to be. Know that these "gorgeous" men out there that you don't think would give you a second look could be dreaming about you. Most of these men are cowards and could never approach you in public. They could never be your life mate. It is too much for them to not strive for what society expects them to want. Know that they would be in heaven at your might be up to you to make that move. Does that surprise you? Haven't you ever thought that maybe women were truly the ones who are stronger? Next time you are out in public and see some guy that you think would never go for you, too sexy, too beautiful. Go up to him. Tell him that you know what you want and you know how to get it. Tell him where you will meet and when. You'd be surprised how helpless he would be to say no. if he does he will respect the heck out of you.
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